« Shake your Groove Thing! » vol. 10 feat. DJ CAM

25 juin 2014 in Fat Black Pussycat, FunkThePower

Shake10_webVOICI VENU LE MOMENT DE FÊTER PLUS QUE DIGNEMENT LA FIN DE NOTRE SAISON 2 …. avec un invité surprise dont nous n’aurions même pas rêvé il y encore peu de temps, a savoir …. DJ CAM, légende de l’abstract à la française!!
Ca se passe encore et toujours au Fat Black Pussycat
et une fois de plus nous faisons fort de ne pas vous forcer à vendre la moitié de votre mobilier pour y participer… Paf: 5E

info/actu à venir et musique:

DJ CAM: Biography
Parisian abstract maestro DJ Cam is well known for his radical reinventions, a life-long musician who’s groundbreaking work established him as a pioneer in the worlds of underground hip-hop, trip-hop, and the dance scenes stretching from New York to Paris to Tokyo and beyond.
Drawing inspiration from the hypnotic trance of voodoo culture, Public Enemy, dub and easy-listening jazz, Cam’s style assumes a new identity with each and every project since he first hit the scene in 1994 with his debut Underground Vibes and continues to redefine many of the sounds he had a hand in creating throughout his career.
2011 promises big things for DJ Cam as he returns this Fall with Seven, a new album linking the musical styles of Radiohead and Massive Attack and his first album since 2002′s Soulshine. Cam will also be hitting the road as a DJ early on in the year and then featuring his new live project come spring. Redefinition once again.

Underground Vibes (1994)
Underground Live Act (1995)
Mad Blunted Jazz (1996) [2CD release of out of print Underground Vibes and Underground Live]
Substances (1996)
DJ-Kicks (1997) (compilation – mixed by DJ Cam)
The Beat Assassinated (1998)
The Loa Project Volume 2 (2000)
Honeymoon (2001) (compilation – mixed by DJ Cam)
Soulshine (2002)
Summer in Paris (2002 – Single)
Liquid Hip Hop (2004)
My Playlist (2005) (compilation – mixed by DJ Cam)
Revisited By (2006) (compilation – DJ Cam’s songs remixed by others)
Lost and Found (2007) (compilation of DJ Cam’s tracks only for the web)
Love (2010 – Single)
Swim (2011 – Single)
More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1462663640641979/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


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