Trouble vs Glue en concert au Mudd Club, concert organisé par Assonance

Assonance vous présente son concert de rentrée, la rentrée avant la rentrée!

– Trouble vs Glue (synth punk pop – I)

T vs G (Trouble vs Glue aka Toni Trouble and Mrs Glue) started in february 2007, after the break up of their previous project, Dada Swing
(, that had 2 albums out on CochonRecords ( and made 3 European tours and 2 US tours.
They use toy-keyboards, a sampler, a paddy drum machine, a little synth, guitar ,drums and 2 voices, in order to make their dancey, wacky pop-punk.
During their tours they supported or played with bands such as the Blow, Polysics, Aids Wolf, Japanther, An Albatross, God is my co-pilot, Death Sentence: Panda, BARR, Dirty Projectors, Fuck Buttons, Islands….
No-no logic 2009 festival in Barcelona
Dockville Festival in Hamburg in 2011
– Baboundeur 2000 (punk noise – SXB)

Mardi 28 août 20h30 au Mudd Club
5 euros

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flyer trouble vs glue Mudd
flyer trouble vs glue août 2012